What Does it Take to Become a Master at Standing Yoga Poses?

Trifocus Fitness Academy - standing Yoga poses
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Yoga is a very slow and calculated form of exercise. The saying “No pain no gain” doesn’t exist in a Yogi’s vocabulary. The mantra of Yoga practice is that if a movement causes you pain, you need to stop doing it immediately. There are a number of categories of Yoga poses. In this article, we’ll look at standing Yoga poses.

Getting standing Yoga poses right

Trifocus Fitness Academy - standing Yoga poses

Standing Yoga poses require a rock-solid core

In order to succeed at standing Yoga poses, your core needs to be strong. This is because these muscles stabilise you and allow you to balance in the poses where your centre of gravity is shifted from where it normally is when you’re standing up straight.

For example, in the Warrior I –  or Virabhadrasana I as it’s called in Sanskrit – your centre of gravity is shifted as you are distributing your body weight unevenly between your front foot, which is facing forward, and your back foot which is pointing out to the left of the direction your body is facing. Your arms are also up, which throws you off even more. This means that to keep from toppling over, you need to engage your core so that you can keep yourself upright and stabilise yourself.

Balance is key – but don’t push it

In standing Yoga poses, balance will help immensely in ensuring that you keep the correct form. However, if you are concentrating more on  keeping your balance and less on making sure that your form is correct, rather make sure that you are near a wall during class so that if you need to you can balance yourself with a  hand on the wall and carry out the pose correctly.

Don’t measure yourself against your classmates

Everyone’s anatomy is different. While some may struggle to put the hands flat on the ground when they are standing up straight others will find it difficult to get into downward dog or Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana as it’s called in Sanskrit. (On a separate but related note, if you’re interested in watching a great tutorial on how to perform this foundational Yoga pose, follow this link.)

Trifocus Yoga poses

So if you are unsure about how to perform a particular Yoga standing pose, rather than watching the person in front of you; ask the instructor as they’ll be able to advise you on the best form of the pose for your body.

Standing Yoga poses are some of the first that you’ll learn in your practice of Yoga. This means that it is very important that you get these right before moving onto more advanced techniques.

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