Should You Become a Yoga Instructor?

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Yoga instructors are not in it just for a workout. Yes, yoga does give you a fantastic workout but it also helps in calming your mind and decreasing your stress. Ultimately, it leaves you feeling rejuvenated, ready to face whatever life has to throw at you. So how would you know if you should be teaching others the ancient art of Yoga? What are the telltale signs that you should become a Yoga instructor?

You must like doing Yoga

First of all, you need to actually like doing Yoga in the first place. You need to truly believe in the power that this discipline has not just to get a great body but to hone your mind as well. This means that those you teach will be able to develop a deep and personal understanding of Yoga as your passion for the art form will be evident in the way you teach.

Yoga is a mind-body exercise

As we said earlier, Yoga is not just a form of exercise for the physical body. Yes, you will see the benefits of regular Yoga practice on your body. However, you’ll also very quickly find – with the meditation practice that is built into most Yoga sessions – that with doing Yoga regularly you’ll become calmer and able to take on the challenges of daily life with ease.

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Yoga is not just for Yogis

Yoga is not just an ‘airy-fairy’ form of exercise that provides no advantages. The health benefits of Yoga are recognised by medical practitioners across the entire globe:

“People who suffer from ongoing or recurrent bouts of back pain often have to try a number of different forms of exercise to find the most appropriate therapy to manage their pain. For many, yoga has proven to be a safe and effective way to finally alleviate many forms of back pain or neck pain and help prevent ongoing problems. Yoga can provide several healing benefits for people with various types of back pain. For example, yoga can help by healing injured back muscles and speeding up time to recover from an injury.”

Are you convinced that you need to become a Yoga instructor? If you shouted “yes!”, here are some tips on how to go about making this dream a reality.

A Yoga instructor needs a good knowledge of Yoga

Any Yoga instructor worth his or her salt will have a thorough knowledge of Yoga. This is so that should a student have any questions, the instructor can answer these with confidence.

Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Yoga Course offers the best holistic online Yoga tuition. Not only does this Yoga course offer the student the opportunity to get a thorough grasp of all Yoga poses – such as seated and standing ones – but it also equips the student with a thorough grasp of anatomy and physiology so that, should the need arise, they will be able to modify the Yoga practice for a student in their class.

Yoga instructors need to have a recognised qualification

For anyone to take you seriously as a Yoga instructor – be it a potential employer or students – you need to have a recognised Yoga qualification.

Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Yoga course is endorsed by the Yoga Teachers Fellowship of South Africa (YTF). This means that you can take your Yoga qualification from us and work as a highly sought-after Yoga instructor.

Trifocus Fitness Academy’s Yoga Certification is offered online. This means that you will be able to become the Yoga instructor you have always dreamed of when it suits you. You won’t have to give up your job while studying – you can have the best of both worlds! All you need is a stable Internet connection and you’re on your way.

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