What Are The Yoga Asanas That You Must Do Every Day?

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Are you constantly feeling lethargic as well as tired – without any underlying medical condition? A 10-minute yoga routine every day can assist you with feeling more energetic as well as assisting you with regaining body-mind balance.

While many individuals feel that yoga doesn’t match up to cardiovascular exercises or heavy-duty High-intensity interval training, research has demonstrated that yoga can assist you with everything from weight loss, to lowering period pain, boosting heart health and even ensuring smooth digestion. In addition, you don’t really require special workout gear or studio space to do yoga asanas.

Pelvic Tilt

The first few pelvic tilts will show any traces of lower back pain as well as stiffness. Do them slowly and keep on going until the movement feels fluid. After 10 to 20 reps, see if you feel any type of relief in your back.

Remember that pelvic tilts are incredibly subtle. You’re just rocking your hips towards your face, without lifting your bum off the floor. Start off with your lower back only slightly curved, and as you do the movement you should feel that your lower back is pushing into the floor.

Cat-Cow Stretch

Continue warming up your back with 5 to 10 cat-cow stretches. If the movement feels like it’s familiar, it’s because the pelvis is moving in basically the same way as in the pelvic tilt. The cat-to-cow stretch encompasses that movement along your entire spine, assisting with awakening and invigorating your whole body. Initiate each movement from your tailbone and then let it ripple up the spine, moving your head last of all.

Downward-Facing Dog

From your hands and knees, go back into downward-facing dog. Bend your knees and then reach your bum up high, then gradually straighten your legs. Make use of any other movements which help you to settle into the pose. When you feel that you are ready, hold the posture for between five and 10 breaths, pedalling your legs (bend one knee and then the other) if you want to further stretch the hamstrings, calves as well as your feet.


If you would like to focus on your leg muscles by toning them up, the Chair asana helps with just that! This asana not only benefits your leg muscles however it also targets your calves and ankles.


The Tree asana is very simple and it’s all about stability! During this asana it is very important to remember that you need to keep your posture straight. This means that you need to keep your back aligned and hips wide in order to feel a slight stretch. In addition, the key to mastering this without falling is to have ALL the weight distribution on your standing leg.


Do you want to test out your core strength? Or fix your posture? The Boat yoga asana is specifically designed for these two aspects! When you align your legs straight out in front of you – and have your chest up creating your back to be completely straight – your abdominal area is targeted- all around so improving strength in the core area.

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