Which Yoga Asanas Could Help To Reduce Blood Pressure And Hypertension?

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High blood pressure is a condition that shows no symptoms, however, can certainly put you at risk of heart disease. High blood pressure – or hypertension – must not be ignored. High blood pressure patients are at a greater risk of heart diseases as well as stroke.

There can be many contributing factors to high blood pressure such as sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, obesity, smoking, stress and family history. The list goes on. Eating a healthy diet – in addition to regular exercise – can assist you to control your blood pressure numbers.

Another natural and safe method of controlling hypertension is practising yoga. Yoga is an ancient method of staying fit which could give you a solution to a number of different health problems. Yoga poses require breathing in a certain pattern which can control blood pressure as well as relieve stress. It will also improve the functioning of your heart. Yoga leaves a positive impact on your mind and body. It is an efficient way to lower blood pressure.

Stress: The Culprit Of Hypertension

Blood pressure — the force that blood exerts against the walls of your arteries as it travels throughout the circulatory system — fluctuates during the day, raising during exertion or stress and decreasing when the body is at rest.

Most doctors are in agreement that a blood pressure reading of lower than 120/80 is ideal for adults and identify hypertension when those figures reach 140/90. The top number (which is referred to the systolic pressure) refers to the amount of pressure in the arteries when your heart beats or contracts. The bottom number evaluates the diastolic pressure, or the amount of pressure remains in the arteries between beats, when the heart is in a relaxed state.

What Is Essential Hypertension?

A high-stress lifestyle may lead to what doctors call “essential” hypertension, where there is no disease-specific cause.

Although a number of different conditions can cause secondary high blood pressure (kidney disease, hormone abnormalities, type 2 diabetes, among others), more often than not a high-stress lifestyle may lead to what doctors call “essential” hypertension, where there is no disease-specific cause.

Yoga, when done mindfully, may reduce this type of stress-induced hypertension, while – at the same time -addressing its underlying causes. It calms down the sympathetic nervous system and slows down the heart, while – at the same time – teaching the muscles and mind to relax deeply.

Pranayama Can Also Be Extremely Beneficial

Research studies have demonstrated that conscious breathing quickly blood pressure very quickly. Practising pranayama while lying down encourages your breath to arise smoothly from a relaxed state, without any force being exerted. If you do make the choice to sit, keep your spine straight and then lift your chest, while keeping your head down in jalandhara bandha, so that you don’t exert strain on the heart.

Asanas To Practise

Child pose Or Balasana

Child pose is highly beneficial for hypertension patients. It can give you relief from a number of different factors that can contribute to high blood pressure. This asana lowers stress and improves blood circulation throughout the body. Controlled breathing while doing this asana promotes calmness and reduces stress from neck and shoulders.

Sukhasana Or Easy Pose

Easy pose is a popular yoga asana which regulates breathing. This asana gives you relief from high blood pressure through promoting a peaceful mind as well as reducing stress. A relaxed mind promotes a healthy body. This asana will also stretch your back and neck. Easy pose will also improve the posture of the body.


Shavasana – or corpse pose – is totally meant for relaxation. This is one of the easiest asanas which you can try in order to control your blood pressure numbers. Shavasana calms your brain, relieves stress, relaxes the body, reduces headaches, fatigue as well as insomnia. These all are the risk factors of high blood pressure. Through controlling these factors, Shavasana leads to lower blood pressure.

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