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‘Bhagavad Gita’ means the Song of the Absolute. It is a conversation between ordinary living beings, like us, and higher spiritual beings.

In the conversation, living beings pose questions, which the spiritual being answers. This process describes Yoga in a systematic step-by-step way.

It explains that Yoga is about much more than the common misconception of achieving good health through various poses. There are different ways in which living beings can connect to spiritual beings. In this article, we explain these.

Different ways in which living beings can connect to spiritual beings


This explains ho, in hard times, living beings seek guidance from spiritual beings.


This is when living beings use logical analysis and reasoning to understand both the spiritual and living (the absolute).


Everyone knows what Karma means but, translated, it represents the Path of Action.

It explains that actions and reactions for your own gratification can cause bondage. But by performing actions without attachment or aversion, you can link with the spiritual.


This chapter explains that transcendental knowledge about the spiritual being can only be obtained when you are a disciple of the spiritual being.

Renunciation of Action

In this chapter, the doer of an action and the reasoning behind their renunciation is analysed. It shouldn’t be for themselves, but for the spiritual being.

Practice or Self-Control

This is where the modern concept of Yoga comes in. It refers to yoga as a system of physical exercises that connect your consciousness to the spiritual consciousness by controlling your body, mind and senses.

Realisation of the Ultimate Truth

This is when you realise the spiritual’s material and spiritual energies and how they relate to each other.

Imperishable Brahman

In this chapter, the nature of living things, the nature of material activities, and the ever-changing material manifestation is discussed.

Most Secret of Royal Knowledge

In this chapter, devotion has been stated to the top-most important method to connect to the spiritual being.

Trifocus Fitness Academy- Bhagavad Gita

Manifestation of Opulence

This chapter discusses how the spiritual being is part of the universe, as well as its origin.

Vision of the Universal Form

In order to connect to the spiritual being, we have to be able to see it in everything around us.

Devotion or Love

Loving relationships and devotional services can link you with the spiritual.

Fields and the Knower of the Fields

In this chapter, you learn how to relate to the spiritual through the three aspects of its’ energies.

The three Divisions of Modes

The three manners of material nature are goodness, passion and ignorance. This chapter looks at how, throughout our lives, we are subject to these modes.

The Supreme Enjoyer

You can gain enjoyment by working for the enjoyment of the spiritual instead of trying to enjoy yourself.

Divine and Demoniac Qualities

Lust, envy, illusion and more are described as obstacles in the way of yoga.

The Three Divisions of Faith

In the three modes, foods, sacrifices, austerity and charity play a vital role in connecting to the spiritual.

Advice for Liberation

In this chapter, true renunciation is described as someone who works according to their duty, not because they are attached to the results.

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