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You’ve definitely heard of yoga, but you might be wondering what power yoga is. Yoga is not always just mindful stretching, as some people believe, there are many different types of yoga and they all offer a number of different benefits. Power yoga provides a great physical workout and helps to build physical strength and endurance. In this blog, we will be having a look at power yoga; what it is and what the benefits are.

What Is It?

Power yoga is a style of yoga that focuses on strength and endurance. It is high intensity and can be a way to burn calories while building strength and focusing on improving your breathing. You might have heard of power yoga being called Vinyasa yoga before, referring to the Vinyasa style of yoga that includes a lot of flowing transitions between moves. Unlike other types of yoga, power yoga moves are not performed separately one after another; instead, you flow between poses so that you are constantly moving. In this yoga, these transitions are fast-paced, making this an intense workout.

What Are The Differences?

Power yoga has a few differences from other types of yoga, all of which make it a unique and powerful workout:

  • While most yoga styles focus on performing moves in a slow and controlled fashion, this yoga is much faster. While this might not make it the calm and relaxing experience that you may associate with yoga, it does mean that you are burning calories and getting a full cardiovascular workout.
  • Power yoga offers a wider variety of movement in a single session in comparison to other forms of yoga. For example, Ashtanga yoga is very precise and will almost always (traditionally) follow the same series of moves in the same or similar order. On the other hand, this type of yoga can be varied, depending on the session, allowing you to do something new every time.
  • As mentioned above, the biggest difference between this yoga and other types is the flow—fast movements and flow between movements, making it a high intensity and dynamic workout.

What Are The Benefits?

There are plenty of benefits of power yoga, aside from the overall general health benefits of any workout:

  1. Cardiovascular Health – the fast-paced nature of this yoga provides a great cardio workout, getting your heart rate up as well as increasing your stamina and fitness.
  2. Building Strength – Thanks to the face pace and body resistance exercises, you will be building your muscle strength and endurance.
  3. Weight Loss – the intense cardio workouts will help you burn calories while building muscle tone, helping you lose weight in a healthy way.

In conclusion, power yoga can be an incredible way to experience yoga differently – helping you build strength, reduce stress, and enjoy a great workout.

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