What Is The Difference Between Mobility And Flexibility?

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Most individuals think that mobility as well as flexibility are one and the same. However, in fact they are two quite different concepts. Knowing the difference between them may assist you in your quest to become a better “mover”:

  • Flexibility can be looked at as the capacity of a muscle or muscle groups to passively lengthen through a range of motion.
  • Mobility is the capacity of a joint in order to move actively through a range of motion.

Many other structures outline how good a person’s mobility is. It is not just the muscles stretching over a joint but also how much the joint moves within the joint capsule. In addition, mobility takes into account the element of motor control within the nervous system.

The One Depends On The Other

In order to have good mobility, you do actually need good flexibility.

In addition, you require muscular strength and stability to manipulate the joints actively. Dynamic, moving stretches operate on joint mobility by tackling flexibility, strength as well as stability all at the same time.

A simple way to test the distinction between flexibility and mobility in your own body is to lift your knee toward your chest. Your hip mobility is evaluated by how far your knee travels without help.

After this, place your hands on your knee and actively pull it closer towards your chest. This stretch shows your entire flexibility in the hip.

What You Need To Do

Don’t miss your warmup or cool down. Dynamic stretching (pre workout), as well as static stretching (post workout), are very effective at improving both mobility and flexibility. You’ll get bonus points if you also stretch between workouts and incorporate yoga in your weekly routine.

In addition, just to help yourself out in general, don’t cheat during exercises. Advanced training strategies – such as partial reps (like quarter squats) – have their place in a well-designed workout programme, but true strength means being able to handle a load through a full range of motion.

Why You Need Mobility In Your Life

Mobility May Prevent Injury

Studies have demonstrated that range of motion in the joints and injury risk are directly related.

By incorporating dynamic stretches – as opposed to static – you’ll activate as well as strengthen all the muscles required to move a joint through its range of motion. This creates muscle balance and lowers the risk of injury.

The static versus dynamic question is always contentious and depends on your intended outcome.

Improve Posture

If you feel immobility in the joints, your posture may suffer. Several studies have associated postural imbalance with a lack of joint mobility. In essence, without strong muscles around the joints, it’s difficult to maintain good posture.

Mobility tips:

  • Joint range of motion is king – you need to move your joints first.
  • Move with strength, control and stability in order to maintain your gains.
  • Make use of a foam roller as an adjunct to your mobility programme.
  • Move gently and regularly – if you don’t use it, you lose it.

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