How To Overcome Depression With Life Coaching

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A lot of us will feel down from time to time. This is a normal part of life. In addition, it’s a part of what is it that makes us human. However, for some, feeling down can turn into something bigger. It can lead to a continuous feeling of despair or inadequacy. This, in turn, may result in depression.

What Is Depression?

The term ‘depression’ refers to a condition which requires professional assistance (from a psychiatrist or life coach) and/or medication in order to treat. If you are living with depression, you will already know how devastating the symptoms can be. If left untouched, it could become very serious.

It’s essential to seek help from a medical professional or life coach if you think that you’re suffering from depression. If your doctor diagnoses you as suffering from depression, there are a number of treatment options you can try, including psychotherapy, life coaching and antidepressant medication.

What Is Life Coaching?

The term ‘life coaching’ refers to a practice in which a life coach assists their clients to attain their goals in life by making use of the following methods:

  • Regular discussion, and
  • Empowering them to make progress towards their goals.

This is done using a holistic approach which takes all aspects of the client’s lives into account.

During life coaching sessions, coaches will look for ways to empower their clients in order to overcome any obstacle which is standing in the path of their goals. Obstacles can be entrenched in the psychology of the client, for example their self-confidence or these may be related to lifestyle, such as diet.

Personal coaching (which is not to be confused with mentoring) is a continuing, one-on-one training programme in which the life coach works closely together with their client in order to work on implementing strategies which will finally assist the client with transforming their lives and enjoying fulfilment as their reach their personal goals, whether it be in:

  • Seeking out a work-life balance, or
  • Fulfilling their personal strengths, as well as
  • Discovering the possibilities of their life as a whole.

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Turn Negative Thinking To Positive Thinking With Life Coaching


Frequently someone who is depressed will adopt negative thinking patterns which keep them trapped in a bad mood. These negative thinking patterns may be the result of over-generalisation.  For instance, the person thinks that since they have had a single negative experience, they will experience the same thing in the future.

Mental Filter

Another very common pattern of negative thinking is using a mental filter. This is when someone only notices what went wrong but ignores what went right.

Emotional Reasoning

Another negative thinking pattern is emotional reasoning, which is to believe that what you feel is actually the reality without evidence.

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