How Does Junk Food Promote Diabetes?

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Junk food is everywhere. Junk food is high in calories however quite low in nutritional value. Generally speaking, these foods encompass processed and prepared snack foods with long, frequently unpronounceable ingredient lists.Eating excess sugars and fats which are found in these foods may contribute to weight gain. This excess weight is linked to diabetes.

One of the main risk factors for acquiring type 2 diabetes is being overweight. When you carry far too much fat tissue, particularly around your midsection, your body’s cells may become resistant to insulin. Insulin is a hormone which moves sugar out of your blood and then into your cells.

When your cells are not able to use insulin properly, your pancreas mistakes this as a requirement for more insulin, so it pumps out more. Sooner or later your pancreas will wear out and stop producing sufficient insulin to make sure that your blood sugars are maintained under control. This results in you developing diabetes, a condition that is characterised by high blood sugar levels.

Junk foods are extremely processed as well as high in calories. These have the tendancy of having few vitamins and minerals. In addition, they are usually low in fibre. Junk foods also frequently contain large amounts of additional sugar and are high in saturated fats in addition to trans fats. This may cause them to digest more quickly, which can spike blood sugar levels and increase bad cholesterol levels.

The Negative Consequences Of Junk Food

You will be quite shocked to know that one of the main reasons for hormonal imbalance, insulin sensitivity and raised blood glucose levels in the majority of youth today can be undoubtedly blamed on processed junk.

People often blame genetics for diseases such as diabetes however it is not always true. Even if your family doesn’t have a history of diabetes, still you are able to get the disease. It is majorly related to an irregular as well as unhealthy lifestyle. It is now proved that the bulk of youth across the world are being affected by pre-diabetes leading to diabetes owing to their food habits as well as their life choices.

Junk food incorporates:

  • Your favourite packaged foods,
  • Fried and processed junk,
  • Sugary drinks as well as desserts,
  • Processed meats,
  • Ready-to-cook meals, and
  • Street foods.

The consumption of such types of junk daily interferes with your hormonal cycles so creating issues for example insomnia, weakness, excessive hunger, food cravings, mood swings or distractions specifically with the children of growing age. Not only that, junk food is high on the glycaemic index and consuming food items for example bread, rice, potato in excess also creates a sharp spike in the blood sugar levels.

A high carb and high sugar diet is risky in the longer run. It may lead to an excess metabolic weight and obesity. An obese individual is prone to life-threatening diseases which not only is limited to cholesterol or diabetes but also can cause a stroke. Thus, individuals with diabetes can have cholesterol, thyroid and other cardiovascular diseases if not treated well.

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Does Sugar Cause Inflammation in the Body?

Inflammation is an extremely important aspect of the body’s natural healing process. Throughout injury or infection, the body releases chemicals in order to assist with protecting it and fight off any dangerous organisms. This can lead to redness, warmth as well as swelling. Some foods, such as sugar, may also cause inflammation in the body, which is normal. However, consuming too many inflammatory foods could cause chronic low-grade inflammation. This may cause serious health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer as well as allergies.

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