Why Crash Diets Don’t Work?

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The practice of crash dieting is when you cut your calorie intake significantly in order to lose weight fast. So why is it a bad idea? Crash diets do a lot more harm than good. Yes, this popular diet style may help you lose weight fast, however it also diminishes your cognition, performance ability as well as energy levels.

After you reduce your calorie intake to an utter minimum, your body fluid will be the first thing to go. If you lose a quick five kilograms which could all be water your body requires to perform at a high level. Losing that water will not only lower your energy to perform, but it will also make you weaker in addition to slower.

Crash Diets Actually Lead To Weight Gain

It’s a fact that crash diets lead to weight loss however they lead to subsequent weight gain. This causes weight cycling, which is damaging for your health. In addition, crash diets also frequently leave people feeling restricted.

While on a crash diet, you think about all the foods which you cannot have. It is human nature as when we are told not to do something, or we aren’t able to do a particular thing, to want to do it more. Think about the child who is told, ‘Please don’t open the cupboard.’ Now, all that he or she wants to do is open the cupboard.

Food restriction creates food cravings and boosts the drive to overeat. Being told that we can’t have x, y and z food after a period of time has the tendency to lead to people protesting and then eating all of the foods which they were not allowed to have.

Psychologically speaking, it’s also quite difficult to sustain these diets and creates a diet mentality of being either on or off a diet. A healthier way in order to shed the extra kilos is to create a lifestyle plan and focus on portion control as well as what you can eat.

In addition, deprivation can take another form. When people resort to crash dieting, they frequently exclude many foods from everyday consumption, including healthy, nutrient-rich ones. Nutrient deprivation can be detrimental to one’s health, manifesting itself in all sorts of unpleasant symptoms and potentially affecting our food choices.

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What’s The Key To Sustainable Weight Loss?

Plan Ahead

You know what you will be eating and sometimes deciding when you are hungry and tired can be where it all goes wrong.

Eat Breakfast And Don’t Ever Skip Meals

In order to assist with keeping hunger at bay and also balance your blood sugar levels, ensure food consistency. Research demonstrates that people who eat breakfast have a tendency to have a more balanced diet overall. So, begin your day with a very healthy breakfast which includes protein, such as eggs or porridge with nuts and seeds, which will make sure that you don’t become too hungry.

Portion Control

This is a very important part of maintaining a healthy diet particularly when it comes down to weight loss. Have a look at your meal portion sizes as it can be possible to eat too much of a good thing.

If you want weight loss which lasts, drop the extreme diet mentality. Watching portion sizes is the best thing you can do to lose weight. Then, think about the small things which you can do to cut calories from your day: milk rather than cream and sugar in your coffee, selecting a leaner cut of steak, or serving yourself extra vegetables instead of rice.

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