Is A High Carbohydrate Intake Responsible For Increased Body Fat?

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With the rise of the idea that carbohydrates are ‘bad’ and the subsequent popularity of low-carb diets, the question of how carbs affect body fat has become an increasingly popular topic of discussion. The general idea is that carbohydrates influence your body fat levels because it is understood that the carbs that you eat contribute to your body fat. However, it isn’t easy to ascertain how much of an influence they have on your health. So, today we will be exploring whether your carbohydrate intake has a direct influence on your body fat.

Does High Carbohydrate Intake Relate To Higher Body Fat?

Due to the constant debate about food intake and physical health, many studies have been done on this subject. Some studies, such as one performed on approximately 4500 Canadian people, show that eating a diet consisting of high to moderate amounts of carbs puts you at a lower risk of becoming overweight than a low-carb diet. Other studies show that there is not a significant association between carbohydrate intake and body weight or BMI. The general feeling appears to be that if carbohydrates play a role in controlling body fat, it is a small, if not insignificant amount.

Are Carbs Worse Than Fats?

A low-carb diet often involves the increased intake of other food groups like protein and fats. In particular, the increasingly popular ketogenic diet involves high-fat content and extremely low carbs. The idea of a low-carb diet suggests that carbs are the most’ fattening’ food group and that by cutting them out almost completely, you will be able to lose body fat. It is true that carbs can be dangerous (in terms of transforming into body fat and therefore increasing your weight), but this mainly occurs when you are overeating on the number of calories which are required for your body to sustain itself. While fats are stored more effectively in the body than carbohydrates, carbs are not worse than fats unless you massively overconsume them in relation to your body weight.

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Are Carbs Bad For Weight Loss?

This is the main question that all of these studies and dietary debates often boil down to. We are constantly being told that some diets are better than others for weight loss, with some promoting low-carb and others saying carbs-in-moderation. When you take into account the multitude of studies that have investigated the different patterns and influences that carbs can have, most reach the conclusion that there is not a significant difference to be gained from eating a low-carb diet – and there is not sufficient evidence to suggest that carbs have control over your body fat.

Although the topic of carbohydrates and body fat may be a popular debate amongst nutritionists, athletes, and scientists alike, the conclusion to draw from all of this is that there appears to be no significant link between the two. It is incredibly important to consult with your doctor about your own physical health and formulate a diet which is right for your body.

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