6 Ways to work out from home

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Home workouts are a real treat. Keeping active can create a good and positive feel about yourself as an individual. They can be easy and quick, fitting seamlessly into your busy daily routine. It doesn’t require much gear and is much cheaper than a gym membership.


Planks are one of the best core workouts out there.

Keep your elbows and toes on the floor and your back straight in a plank position with your eyes facing the floor. Do not let your knees or, alternatively, your stomach touch the floor until you have reached your objective.

Set your starting goal for 40 seconds in the no-motion plank position. Take a 40-second rest and repeat. As you practise this move more, you will be able to hold your plank longer and do more sets.

Jump rope

Hold one end of the jumping rope in each hand. Rotate the rope under and over your body using your wrists. Jump over the rope as soon as it reaches your feet. The rope should touch the floor each time it passes beneath you making a tapping sound.

Skipping is great cardio exercise! Keep this up for at least two minutes. You can repeat again or jump for longer times as you improve.


This is an easy go-to exercise. This exercise mainly focuses on muscle gain in the torso and chest muscles while working out your triceps along with it. Place your hand shoulder-width apart and your toes on the floor. Keep your body in a straight line and bring your chest down – so it almost touches the ground – by bending your elbows. Push yourself back up and repeat this movement. Complete the number of reps and sets you are comfortable with. We recommend that you start with three sets of four reps each and build up from there.

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Squat jumps

Start by standing in an upright position, your feet apart in line with your shoulders. Your feet must face straight forward at all times. It’s very important to maintain your back in a straight position and then bend your waist downwards so that your body reaches towards the floor. Do not let your heels lift from the ground.

Bend almost to a 90-degree angle between your upper thigh and your stomach. Push back up with a little jump and repeat when you land on the ground again. Do not jump forwards or backwards. Stay in the same place.


This is an exciting core workout! Beginners can start by using a structure to support their balance for example a couch to hook your feet under. Lie down on the mat and then bend your knees at an angle you are comfortable with. Put your hands behind your head or, alternatively, your ears and pull your body towards your knees. Do this regularly until you reach 50 reps and call yourself a pro!

High knees

This is a great garden or living room exercise. Stand with your feet apart and launch each knee towards your chest. Keep this up for about two minutes and take 30 seconds of rest in between. Watch out not to hit your knees into any objects.

Home workouts are great and cost-effective. They can be done with no equipment or with equipment that is not very expensive. Exercise keeps you healthy and in a good mood!

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