What Must I Wear to a Bootcamp Class?

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So, you’ve decided to get your butt into gear and start leading a healthy lifestyle. A great way to quickly build up your overall fitness is with bootcamp classes. (If you want to become a bootcamp instructor, there are even online bootcamp courses available if you don’t like leaving the house!) You don’t want to announce that you’re a newbie by arriving in the wrong threads to your first session, so here’s what you should wear to a bootcamp class:

Bootcamp Class Clothing

What You’ll Be Doing

Bootcamp classes of any variety will have you moving in ways you never thought possible. There’ll be lifting of weights, climbing of steps, sprinting, jogging, and push-ups for days. It all depends on your bootcamp class instructor so be sure to find out from them the types of exercises you’ll be doing and what type of clothing they’d recommend.

What You Should Wear

If you’d prefer to take our word for it, here’s what we’d recommend wearing to bootcamp classes – as well as a few handy accessories that are sure to improve your experience:

No Baggy Clothing

You want to be as agile as possible, so consider wearing tight-fitting clothing to minimise drag and allow you to move freely. Also, you’re going to sweat, so wear a vest if you’re comfortable with it. This will also allow your arms freedom to move.

Invest in Shoes

Any runner will tell you that it doesn’t pay to go in cheap when buying new shoes for exercise. High-end athletic shoes offer the added durability and foot support that your feet will thank you for after a few bootcamp classes.

Trifocus fitness academy - bootcamp class


New to social exercising? Golden rule number one: Don’t forget your sweat towel! You’ll want to take one that’s bigger than a hand towel but not as big as a bath towel. Another must-have bootcamp class addition is a decent water bottle of between 500ml and 2 litres.

Handy Accessories:

If you’re taking your bootcamping seriously, consider investing in a fitness tracking watch (FitBit, Garmin, etc.) to track your steps. Got a friend that might also want to improve their health and wellness? Bring them along too so you don’t have to feel like the new kid in school!

Bootcamp Class Pointers:

To avoid injury and an untimely departure from your newly-found passion for bootcamp classes, here are a few tips to keep in mind when next participating in a bootcamp:

  • Be willing to use lighter weights, or run shorter distances, if you’re struggling – everyone’s been there.
  • NEVER try and compete with fellow bootcampers. Some might be attending their 100th
  • Let your bootcamp instructor know if you’re new – they’ll keep an eye on you and offer tips throughout your class.
  • Try your best not only to learn the moves you’re doing, but to also perfect the form of each move.

Are You a Future Bootcamp Instructor?

Think you’ve got what it takes to host your very own bootcamp classes? This is a great way to stay in shape, help others stay in shape, and make a bit of extra money. Check out our Trifocus Fitness Academy Online Bootcamp Course. If you’d like to find out more about a career in fitness, contact us today! We have a number of great personal training packages that include the bootcamp class. To find out more, follow this link.

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