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Functional strength training is defined as training which attempts to mimic the specific physiological requirements of real-life activities. Functional training – for example resistance exercises and body-weight movements – can assist you with becoming stronger, more flexible, agiler as well as better equipped to handle day-to-day feats of strength and athleticism which are often overlooked. In addition, it can help you become less injury-prone.

While functional strength training is commonly perceived as a form of core training, core training itself could be deemed to be a subset of functional strength training. This is because core training is the practice of unrestricted motion against resistance. It focuses on stabiliser muscles of your back, abdomen as well as your sides. Functional strength training extends the same discipline to your entire body.

In any case, functional strength training involves unrestricted movement against resistance, in which the exerciser defines the exercise motion.

Who Can Benefit From Functional Strength Training?

Functional strength training is something that all adults could really benefit from. The good news is that it’s never too late to reap the benefits.

A study, which was conducted of 87 adults aged between 65 and 93 years, showed that functional ability improved for functionally restricted elderly people who took part in a 16-week structured exercise programme consisting of 13 different strength-training exercises utilising a Thera-Band resistance band.

In another study which was conducted, researchers tested the effects of 12 weeks of resistance training on the following:

  • Isometric strength,
  • Explosive power, and
  • Selected functional abilities.

The subjects were healthy women aged 75 and over. They saw statistically significant improvements in 4 out of 5 exercises measured.

The science is clear: functional strength training is something which everyone can benefit from. Unfortunately, most aren’t doing it.

A common question is that in order to build functional strength, do you have to start benching, squatting, and deadlifting heavyweights? Not if you don’t want to, and for some, that might even a barrier to even getting started. That’s why we listed several exercises that don’t require weights to help you get started.

How To Get Started

One of the benefits that functional strength training has is that it can successfully be done with very little equipment.

The functional training is built on just six movement patterns:

  • Squat,
  • Lunge,
  • Push,
  • Pull,
  • Bend, as well as
  • Core.

Strength training in these six movement patterns can be performed in a number of different environments including a garage gym, commercial gym, a school hall, functional fitness gym, OPEX Gym – basically anywhere with space as well as some free weights.

When beginning functional strength training focus on learning how to do the basic movement patterns and building motor control of your muscles. As you’re new to this type of training you can train the full body multiple times a week as you will be able to adapt and recover very quickly. All beginners would benefit from training under the watchful eye of a personal trainer.

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