5 things you need before you start doing yoga

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Yoga is a practice enjoyed by men and women worldwide – and not just women as many people have been led to believe. In fact, yoga was first created and practised by men before it was reshaped in the western world.

Personally, we believe that gender misconception has been brought about as a result of women being seen as more flexible and being more in tune with their inner self. This definitely plays a role in it all but is in fact not the case. Yoga was created for all body types and fitness levels. Yoga was created to allow people to discover the undiscovered within themselves.

Yes, it does sound a bit clichéd but it is the honest truth.

So, what do you need in order to get started on your yoga journey?

5 things you need to do yoga

  1. A yoga mat – This one is pretty obvious and the most well-known piece of yoga equipment. Your yoga mat plays an important part in your yoga practice and as such needs to be carefully selected.

How to choose a yoga mat

  • Make sure that they are eco-friendly and made of natural products – there are loads of options available.
  • Choose the length that fits your body. In some poses, you may be stretched out and as a result, you may need a longer yoga mat to practise on.
  • The thickness of your mat plays an important role in ensuring comfort during practice. Think mats are ideal for practice at home on soft surfaces, while thicker mats will protect you from the hard ground.
  • In order to keep your grip, your mat will need to be textured to prevent you from slipping, especially when you get sweaty.
  • Do not settle for the first mat you find, shop around for your perfect fit.

  1. Comfortable clothing – You need to be able to move around without restrictions or things that could get in the way. Properly fitting yoga attire will give you the freedom to move without worrying.
  2. A towel – While practising yoga, you may get sweaty which will result in your mat becoming slippery. Having a towel close by to soak up the sweat works wonders.
  3. A water bottle – As with any physical activity, hydration is import, so please be sure to have a water bottle close by while practising yoga.
  4. The right mindset – Try not to stress about your practice – or any of the other stressors in your life. Use this time to still your mind and find inner peace and calmness.

It is always helpful to speak to your instructor before your first class to see what equipment is needed. The above-mentioned items are purely for getting started, as you begin to progress you may find that you need to invest in additional items. If you are starting out at home, find a yoga forum or group to join so that you have a community to assist you as you get started. It is always helpful to have someone to talk to that understands what you are going through and has the advice to assist you.

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