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What Are The Health Advantages Of Power Walking?

Power walking is an exercise technique which emphasises speed and arm motion as a method of increasing health benefits. Done correctly, regular power walking is good for your cardiovascular health, joint health, and emotional well-being.…
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What Should Runners Be Eating?

A good race depends on more than just your training. To improve your speed and performance, you also need to consider what you are putting into your body. The correct foods at the correct time…
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Does Sprint Training Increase Strength?

Does Sprint Training Increase Strength? Sprint training is loosely defined as practising all-out effort runs as well as working on becoming faster. Training varies, however generally comprises runs done all-out, or at about between 85…
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What Is The Importance Of Sports Psychologists?

Today, sports psychologists can do several things to assist athletes with sports as well as performance. A sports psychologist role is more understood today as a part of the usual coaching staff for teams and…