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What Are The Benefits Of Water Aerobics?

If you’re on the hunt for low-impact, varying in intensity, fun fitness pool workouts then water aerobics is for you! Aerobic exercises are a phenomenal way to get in shape, while enjoying the social aspect…
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What Are The Benefits Of Battle Ropes?

Battle ropes are rapidly becoming one of the biggest fitness trends. For those who are not acquainted with this piece of equipment, they are thick ropes which are either looped around a pole or anchored…
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How To Ignite Success With Life Coaching

Life coaching, as well as mentoring, are booming fields. They are extremely popular professions worldwide and show no signs of decreasing in popularity. Certification programmes abound, but as you will read, this is an unregulated…
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The Ultimate Nutrition Guide For Cyclists

When you exercise, it is necessary for you to fuel your body correctly in order to support the activity. However, there’s so much info out there about sports nutrition that it’s easy to get confused.…
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Could exercise improve your response to vaccines?

Physical activity has been found to enhance immunity in general, however, exercise specifically before or after a vaccination could increase the success of vaccination as exercise circulates cell numbers and, as a result, there are…
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How to use kettlebells for strength and cardio

Workout creativity is responsible for keeping people engaged with their programme. A dull workout, or one that you don’t enjoy, quickly reduces motivation and progress. And cardio frequently falls under this category of boring and…